Ductile pipe, glass steel pipe stripping resistance

by:XEX     2021-02-14
1) Material principle, constitute the main material of buried FRP pipe sand inclusion non-alkali untwisted glass fibre and natural rounded quartz sand are typical inorganic non-metallic materials, enhanced role, has the ideal component and structural strength, its performance in glass fiber reinforced plastic - Sand inclusion tube forming process and use of the period without change. Unsaturated polyester resin is a sticky material, in the process of forming chemical reaction, from low molecular into a linear structure has good adhesion force, high shear strength, small shrinkage ratio of the solid polymer three-dimensional structure, and makes it extremely difficult to break with reinforced material. 2) Structure and production process: sand glass steel pipe inner surface is by the high proportion of unsaturated polyester and reinforced material composition of tree fat leakage layer, and then the ring to non-alkali untwisted and cross winding glass fiber and resin layer. The quartz sand layer in the tube wall in central location, including multilayer ring to non-alkali untwisted and cross winding glass fiber connection and enhanced role. Outer layer is still the toroidal and cross winding non-alkali twistless fiber glass and resin layer. Gives enough to the fiber during the production of molding tension and compaction step by step, the whole wall structure one integrated mass. The higher the coefficient of thermal conductivity of nodular cast iron pipe with anticorrosive material deformation coefficient between difference is bigger, the local corrosion, impact flow under the action of external factors, such as peel more easily. 3) Constitute a material: the main material of glass steel sand tube for unsaturated polyester resin, non-alkali twistless fiber glass and natural rounded quartz sand. Domestic famous manufacturers of products, acid value, invasive operation, the casting body fracture toughness and strength indexes in the domestic leading level; Non-alkali twistless fiber glass furnace of this product adopts the advanced pool production technology, using the best surface treatment agent, as a result, the tensile strength, abrasion resistance, surface morphology and the integration degree of the resin is very ideal; Quartz sand use rounded corners of grassland in Inner Mongolia natural quartz sand, after washing, drying and screening process for products that meet the ideal gradation, its shape, ingredients and cleanliness makes natural quartz sand fillet with invasive good, high packing density, effectively improve the strength and stiffness of glass steel sand tube and other excellent properties. The material properties of the same material production of glass fiber reinforced plastic sand inclusion tubes, according to the ANSI/AWWA C950 a long-term hydrostatic pressure of 95 standard design benchmark ( HDB) , after 10000 hours of rigorous simulation experiments, using linear regression analysis method in the period of 50 years of use, calculated in accordance with the requirement to design and manufacture of the performance of the attenuation degree of glass steel sand tube is able to fully meet the requirements of the use of the lowest. The use of the prescribed period, under normal use won't appear stripping phenomenon of glass steel sand tube. Now from the composition of the material, material of glass steel sand tube function principle, structure and production process.
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