Ductile pipe how to choose and buy

by:XEX     2020-12-30
How to choose and buy a ductile pipes, is' touch 'quality. In general, particle rough, probably with the impurities. Second, is the 'look' color. Green with white are the main types of pp-r pipe, consumers tend to think that white is the best, but color is not the judgment standard of quality. Three, is' smell smell. Main material is polypropylene pp-r pipe, good pipe has no smell, bad has taste, is likely to be laced with polyethylene, rather than polypropylene. Fourth, is' knead 'hardness. Pp-r pipe is hardness, casually can knead deformation of the tube, is certainly not pp-r pipe. Five, is a 'hit' flexibility. Good pp-r pipe, 'resilience' good, easy to smash the natural not good pp-r pipe. But strong hardness is not equal to good elasticity, some impurities such as manufacturer by adding too much calcium carbonate to increase the hardness, how couldn't hit ground, use for a long time easy to brittle. Sixth, is' burn 'smoke smell. A mixture of recycled plastics and other impurities in raw material of PP - R tube will emit black smoke, a pungent smell. And good material not only after burning smoke, no smell, burning, melt out of the liquid is still very clean ( The original from: http://www. xexfoundry。 com/)
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