Ductile pipe in seal what are the requirements?

by:XEX     2021-01-02
Ductile pipe in seal what are the requirements? Our ductile casting' target='_blank'>cast iron pipe manufacturer for ductile iron pipe sealing has a more careful understanding, is to believe that the problem to the ductile cast iron pipe market also has a certain influence, after all, the quality affect sales, sales affect the benefits, thus let us manufacturers formed a greater focus on the problem. Welcome all friends to our company to visit! Ductile pipe and nodular cast iron pipe fittings, should be in the table below the required test pressure water pressure test, should be no leakage, sweating in the testing process. If the design of the joints has passed the test, the factory inspection report, there are at least 10 years of successful use, just type in the performance test have an adverse effect on the connector design performance. Design of joint sealing test, to ensure that the internal and external pressure, is the most bad casting tolerance and joint movement condition, can seal well. Internal pressure, the pressure within the joint sealing type testing, testing pressure test pressure shall be not less than allowed ( 豌豆) , joints, without leakage in the following two conditions: joint should be straight and shear stress by shear: ( :N) For not less than 30 times the DN joint deflection: allows the deflection Angle of deflection test factory manual, for DN700 ~ DN2600 is not less than 1 °. External pressure: external pressure joint sealing test, test pressure not less than 0. 1 mpa, joint shear force under the DN of leak-off is not less than 30 times. Sealing problem although not the main factor that determines the nodular cast iron pipe market, but also from the fundamental line is affecting the market of the nodular cast iron pipe, for this kind of phenomenon, nodular cast iron pipe manufacturer is sure to cause attention, thus we can find from these problems a lot of ductile cast iron pipe market and industry knowledge. ( The original from: http://www. xexfoundry。 com/)
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