Ductile pipe industry development present situation

by:XEX     2020-12-29
Ductile pipe industry development status of 1. Market potential is tremendous, according to statistics, the domestic market, the demand for casting' target='_blank'>cast iron pipe is likely to continue to grow at an annual rate of more than 12%, especially because our country to speed up the pace of modern city construction, strengthen the recycling of the sewage, the water supply and drainage systems, building heating system, water supply, drainage pipe, gas, heating pipes, large diameter buried pipe, and so on will be a wide prospect in application of plastic pipe production in China in 2010 will reach 4. 5 million tons, by the year 2015 will reach 6 million tons, our country will become the largest country in the world plastic pipe production. Therefore, cast iron pipe production enterprises need to seize the opportunity, constantly open up new application fields, strengthen brand promotion. 2. Market brand clutter is a category of building materials market competition is intense. Regardless of high school low-grade, every market level has several or even dozens of brand competition, and also in competition with each other by different grades of products, cast iron pipe market basically has the following brands: PE pipe ( High density polyethylene water supply, gas pipe) Market brands are: Taurus, treasure, liansu, kinder, brands such as; PP- R tube market brands mainly include: liansu, Taurus, kinder, Jiang Tong, such as plastic, solid ground on brand. 3. Weak brand awareness are cast iron pipe weak consciousness of brand enterprises, marketing network construction relative lag, coupled with low technical and financial barriers to entry, scale of most enterprises is generally small, single marketing, marketing costs is high, the lack of brand strategy, the target market and market segment, there is little research and coping mechanisms set, countersunk dry, for technology, updating and upgrading the quality of the consideration is less, when competition, many enterprises in the channel conflict, rising costs and revenues, customer complaints, satisfaction to slash the embarrassment of trouble. Along with our country economy fast development, ductile iron pipe industry in China has improved rapidly, the growth rate of cast iron pipe production has reached 15% per year, in the world, the development speed is cheerful, heralding the huge market capacity and the prosperity of the whole industry. Along with our country national economy and the rapid development of infrastructure construction and the adjustment of national industrial policy, since 1998, the ministry of construction 'plastic steel' policy, the national market gradually accept new environmental protection cast iron pipe, therefore, energy efficient and environmentally friendly pipe market with huge potential of digging, contains infinite business opportunities.
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