Ductile pipe installation problems should be paid attention to

by:XEX     2021-04-06
Ductile pipe installation should pay attention to the question 1. Should put aprons are socket slot, compaction with the hand. 2. When the pipe should be shortened after installation, the socket end should be processed into groove shape. 3. Bending section in the use of pipeline interface by corner when installation, pipe should be installed in a straight line, and then turn to the required Angle. During the installation process must be on the outer edge of the arc with small block will have paved pipe shaft support, so as to avoid displacement. 4. The installation process, pipe, pipe axis to be on a straight line, otherwise easy to top aprons, affect the quality and speed of the installation. 5. Pipe installation should be flat, the pipe should be in a straight line between, if it comes to the tilt Angle, be careful. 6. Aim the interface connection pipe socket, if the insertion force is too large, do not forcibly inserted, in case of twisted rubber ring. 7. Piping installation and interrupted laying engineering, the application of the wall will tube mouth closed, and prevent soil sand and other debris into the pipe. 8, pressure testing should be in the middle of each tube parts before proper turns the soil. More content please see xin, Nicholson's official website: http://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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