Ductile pipe installation should pay attention to quality problems

by:XEX     2021-01-02
Ductile pipe installation should pay attention to the quality problem of the pipe coating damage 1: try to avoid the destruction of the anticorrosive coating, once the coating damage, will directly affect the service life of pipeline buried in the ground. 2 pin ends burrs and stab fly: jack ends burrs and stab fly, when installation, easy to destroy the rubber ring, increase the difficulty of construction. After the installation of pipes burrs and stab fly parts easy to leak. 3 the installation of the rubber ring: rubber ring before the installation, should be cleaned in the socket. If there is no clean, pipe installation, rubber ring easily happened with pipe socket forward movement situation, causing the defeat of the piping installation; After the installation, the leakage occur easily. 4 installation does not reach the designated position: pipeline should be in accordance with the ductile cast iron pipe manufacturer in pipeline identified markers for installation, installation does not reach the designated position is not allowed. If the installation does not reach the designated position, easily happened pipeline displacement phenomenon, directly affects the use of the pipeline safety. Pipe piers and anchorage measures: 5 pipe of piers and anchorage measures should be strong, to prevent pipe due to water pressure variant. ( The original source: http://www. xexfoundry。 com/)
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