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Ductile pipe is made of cast iron

by:XEX     2020-12-31
Ductile pipe is made from pig iron ductile pipe also known as cast iron and ductile iron pipes, ductile pipe is made of cast iron. According to the different manufacturing methods can be divided into: sand mold centrifugal socket straight, straight tube continuous cast iron and sand iron pipe. According to the different material used can be divided into: gray iron, ductile cast iron pipe and high silicon tube. Iron pipes for water supply, water drainage and gas pipeline projects such as golden ocean liaocheng city supplies co. , LTD is specialized in the supply of ductile pipe, large diameter ductile pipe, K9 grade ductile pipe, ductile iron pipe and centrifugal ductile iron pipe, large diameter ductile iron pipes, ductile iron tube parts, ductile iron pipe aprons, perennial spot of nodular cast iron pipe, complete specifications, quality assurance, timely delivery, our products are accord with ISO2531 - 98 e standard, the use of blast furnace in the production of low phosphor and low sulfur high quality hot metal casting, according to the current international advanced centrifugal casting, annealing process, water-cooled metal mold centrifugal casting machine casting and become, after finishing annealing, socket, hydrostatic test, internal lining of cement and cement lining regimen, waterproof cement lining, outer wall paint coating asphalt, asphalt paint baking spray, socket antirust processing, shipping mark and packing process more elaborate processing, such as high strength, Gao Yanshen rate, corrosion resistant steel. Interface form for T, the standard wall thickness level for K9, 10 or higher level, the standard effective length of 5 - 6 meters of centrifugal ductile iron pipe and pipe fittings mainly perform standard: (1) : GB13295 - 2003 used for pressure pipeline centrifugal casting ductile iron pipes, pipe fittings and accessories ISO2531 - 98 ( E) Water and gas pipes in ductile iron pipes, pipe fittings, accessories and joint (2) : ISO6892 metal material tensile test GB228 tensile experiment method (3) : ISO6506 metal materials - — Brinell hardness test GB231 hardness test method (4) : metal cloth type ISO4179 ( GB17475) Pressure pipeline with nodular cast iron pipe - — Centrifugal sand cement oar lined with general requirements. (5) : ISO6600 ductile cast iron pipe - — Cement sand blade centrifugal apply coated lining - — New application of coated sand propeller composition control. ⑥:GB/T17219( ISO4633 - 1996). Rubber ring - Synthetic - drainage with connection Material specification 7: GB5749 life water diversion water distribution evaluation standard was: ISO8179 - 1 ( GB17456- 98). Ductile iron pipe and pipe fittings, — Outside the zinc coating, coating asphalt strictly implement GB/T17459 requirements. Pet-name ruby: GB223 iron and steel, and alloy chemical analysis. Attending: centrifugally cast ductile iron pipe specifications ( ISO2531- 2003, T interface K9 grade) ( The original from: http://www. xexfoundry。 com/)
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