Ductile pipe - - Mechanical installation operation method

by:XEX     2021-02-16
Ductile pipe ( Mechanical) Mechanical (installation operation method: Also known as the pressure type) Ductile iron pipes flexible interface, is mainly composed of iron ball straight pipe, pipe fittings, pressure, bolt and A rubber ring, the interface form has A form and K form, suitable for DN75 - A form interface 350 tube, the diameter of DN75 - use K shape interface 2600. 1) Check the pipe and fittings: check whether there is any damage or defects on the pipe, the pipe's outer diameter and the circumference size deviation is allowed within the scope of the size of pipe socket and the socket to conduct a comprehensive measurement, and numbered record keeping, selection of pipe diameter is the smallest tube combined. Clean tube, check and repair the anticorrosive coating, matching aprons, equipped with pressure and bolts. 2) Other preparation: before the pipe installation should also do a good job in test tank and qing tank will work interface pit digging well, ready to hoisting equipment and pipe installation tools. Lifting equipment should be checked carefully before installation, in order to ensure safety. 3) Tube: press the tube require that the pipe and fittings in a groove, shall not be casting pipe and other accessories a set of tools and materials. When the pipe into the drain socket side logo should be placed in upper part. 4) Pressure with aprons positioning: jack, pressure and apron after cleaning, determine the installation position of aprons on socket, will first pressure into the socket, and then set the apron set in the socket has a good location. 5) Brush brush lubricants, lubricants and aprons should be socket before cleaning it again, then put the lubricant besmear equably in inner surface and socket outlets and the outer surface of the aprons. 6) Pipe counterpart: slightly lift, make socket socket load to disease, adjust good interface fixed play after clearance, removing the hook. End clearance are shown in table 9. 3. 2 - 4. 7) Temporary tightening: the o-ring seal clearance of esteem and admire socket, adjust the pressure of the bolt hole with the bolt hole on the socket for, with four bolts on vertical bearing each other first temporarily tighten. 8) Bolt: all of the double into the bolt hole, and the bank, and then press the up and down or so the order of the alternate fastening, symmetry fractional evenly to tighten the bolt. 10) Curve installation: mechanical ductile iron pipes installed along the curve, the Angle of the interface can not too large, the Angle of the interface is generally based on the length of the pipe and the rotation of the allowed to calculate the pipe end offset distance control. Mechanical the allowed Angle of ductile iron pipes and section 11) cheap distance Note: the installation of the pipe must comply with the design requirements. Groove position should comply with the design requirements, the bottom of the channel height, the centerline should be accurate, tube when installation should make the socket end product tag is located in the top tube. Pipe bending parts should use elbow as far as possible, such as it need to borrow to turn that interacts with the pipe, the pipe in the corner should be in the allowed range. Special tube and pipe cutting must be used in cutting tools for cutting tube, incision should be perpendicular to the pipe axis. In the incision lining and coating damage, if any, should be repaired. Cut pipe, pipe cutting department of pupil diameter was measured, the results should comply with the rules. Tube when the tube bundle of hoisting, should adopt the method of flat out two hanging, use the sling should not damage the pipe and pipe fittings. To prevent the pipe is broken, between the pipe and sling appropriate pad by rubber sheets or other flexible cushion. Should take, increases with the increasing use of synthetic temporarily unused aprons must be in its original packaging seal, in a cool, dry place preservation. The pipe before installation and interface should be working pit digging a well.
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