Ductile pipe performance

by:XEX     2021-01-01
Pipe in use process, because of the topography and water supply will need to generate a certain amount of pressure, also due to the use of some unexpected situation will produce instantaneous high pressure ( For example: water ') Performance is directly related to high pressure pipeline, pipe can safe use and provide long-term and stable supply. Due to excellent compressive performance of nodular cast iron, nodular cast iron pipe pipe provides more excellent than that of the other material security: low of its design working pressure, calculated value is higher than most other material pipe work pressure. Low factor of safety is very high, the actual pipeline may burst pressure is 3 times of working pressure. Ductile pipe outside pressure characteristics bring to resist external load, reduce the construction cost of buried pipeline will bear the vertical load ( Backfill soil weight, weight of vehicle dynamic load, pipe and unit weight of water) , and through the tube bed, bed and bed wall to transfer load to the formation, which occurs between pipes and formation stress to each other. Often, therefore, formation compaction shall be conducted according to the pipeline under local stress and pressure resistance of the nodular cast iron pipe can reduce tube bed and cover the requirements of production, make the pipe laying is both reliable and economical. Bring about automatic flexible interface, suitable for special terrain pipeline may take some small bearing capacity or unstable strata ( Marsh, the subsidence area caused by extraction of groundwater, mining, etc. ) 。 Because to mechanical stress produced by mobile can be very big, in this case the pipe should be crawling with ground movement, not trying to fight ground movement, lest produce off fracture in the pipe. Within the scope of the slant Angle and axial clearance, the healthy cattle socket type T pipe interface can make the pipe with the ground movement and change, make a design and greatly reduce the construction difficulty, saves the project investment. Miyagi's massive earthquake in 1979, for Japan, according to a study ductile cast iron pipe damage rate is 0. 4 times/km, and the damage rate of gray iron is four times the size of the ductile iron pipes above, more than other materials up to 30 times.
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