Ductile pipe procurement technical requirements

by:XEX     2020-12-28
Ductile pipe procurement technical requirements 1) 。 Product quality of the finished product ISO6892 metal material tensile test. ISO6506 metal materials - Hardness test - Brinell hardness test. ISO4179 pressure pipeline with nodular cast iron pipe - Centrifugal cement mortar lining. Zinc coating ISO8179 nodular cast iron pipe. ISO 16132- 2004 standard 2) Piping is T socket type, since the anchor interfaces rubber sealing ring. 3) Pipe and pipe fittings standard wall thickness e = k ( 0. 5 + 0. 001DN) Among them: e - The standard wall thickness, mm; DN— Mm: nominal diameter; K— Straight take 9 K. T take 14 K, the other 12 K. 4) The quality of pipes, pipe fittings: after casting by appropriate heat treatment to meet the requirements of mechanical properties, the pipe should be able to cutting, drilling and machining. 5) Interface of tolerance: to ensure the interchangeability of pipes and pipe fittings, pipes and pipe fittings on the pin end diameter tolerance should not be greater than 1 mm. 6) Straightness: when the pipe is about two-thirds length of distance between two roll to check on the bench, the maximum deviation FM pipe should not be greater than the effective length L of 0. FM (125%, namely: mm) ≤0. 125%的l。 7) Mechanical properties:, the mechanical properties of ductile iron pipes in accordance with GB/T13295 standards: tensile strength of 420 n/p was, bending strength 590 n/p was, elongation 10% or higher; Pipe mechanical properties conform to the standard GB/T13295 regulation: tensile strength 400 n/p was, elongation of 5% or higher. 8) Chemical composition: the phosphorus content of ductile iron pipe shall not be greater than zero. 05%, sulfur content shall not be greater than zero. 02%. 9) Hydrostatic test (1) ductile iron pipes one by one for hydrostatic test before coating, the experimental pressure values match GB13295 - 2013 standard. (2) ductile iron pipe coating before carry on the water pressure experiment, the experimental pressure values match GB13295 - 2013 standard. 10) Socket must do antirust processing. 11) Tags: each pipe, pipe fittings and accessories has the following tag: a) Manufacturers, b) C) nominal diameter The production batch number ( The serial number) 。 12) Wall thickness: rank ( DN1200T) K9 wall thickness ( mm) 15. 3
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