Ductile pipe technology construction experience is introduced

by:XEX     2020-12-31
1 ductile pipe technology construction experience of construction experience. In order to convenient installation, can be soaked with water first rubber ring. 2. The hot summer, vegetable oil lubricating oil should be used; The cold of winter, rubber ring can be used hot water preheating, to reduce hardness, rapid installation. 3. If need to borrow the pipe installation, in the corner with the pipe itself can't meet, can according to need to borrow turn Angle, after calculation of pipe socket after cutting the bevel, so can be increased by turn Angle, and can ensure the safe use. 4. If without water pressure test, also can consider to use air pressure test. 5. Trench backfill should be layered compact, if the pipeline crossing the road, to avoid crush play, backfill sand to pipe roof. 6. In the construction of occasional interface dripping. To avoid this phenomenon, when installation should be in strict accordance with the specifications for the construction, should guarantee to every tube installed, for large diameter pipe need to check the status of each interface aprons. 7. Summer construction process, can be in appropriate interface part turns the soil. 8. Tee, elbow must do concrete piers. Microstructure of the ductile pipe distribution in the ferrite and pearlite matrix has a certain number of nodular graphite, according to the requirement of the nominal diameter and elongation of different, the proportion of ferrite and pearlite in the matrix organization is different, small proportion of pearlite is generally not more than 20%, the general control of large diameter is about 25%.
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