Ductile pipe - - The microstructure characteristics of ductile cast iron

by:XEX     2021-02-15
Nodular cast iron metallographic organization: G + F, G + P, G + F + P, etc. , but also directly determines the mechanical properties of nodular cast iron. 1, graphite ( 1) The morphology of graphite graphite morphology had a great influence on the mechanical properties of nodular cast iron, often appear in several graphite morphology in nodular cast iron: 1) Spheroidal graphite. Its similar globular appearance, the metallographic microscope magnified 100 times, its perimeter is is smooth round or oval, as shown in figure 3 - 1 a. 2) Graphite. Shaped like a ball shape, outside Zhou Jieyou obvious uneven, as shown in figure 3 - 1 b. 3) Worm graphite. Than group shape is irregular, obvious to edge elongation, mass of worm shaped, as shown in figure 3 - 1 c instructions. Shown in the figure, globular G best, isolation from mild to matrix, so the QT performance is best. GB9441 - According to G in 88 QT metallographic examination standard form is divided into six levels of nodulizing grade, as the basis of QT classification, see table 3 - 1 and 3 2.
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