Ductile pipes engineering construction preparation work, 2)

by:XEX     2020-12-26
Ductile casting pipe engineering construction preparation, flange interface awakens the rubber mat: 1) Materials shall not contain any harmful the service life of the rubber pad, the pollution of water quality material and reclaimed rubber. 2) Intersection should be uniform texture, thickness is consistent, without wrinkles; When the pipe diameter 600 mm or less appropriate for 3 - rubber mat thickness 4毫米; Pipe diameter 700 mm or more, suitable for 5 - 6mm。 3) Rubber gasket inside diameter should be equal to the inner diameter of the flange, the allowable deviation, diameter 150 mm to + 3 mm or less, diameter 200 mm to + 5 mm or higher; English rubber pad diameter flange sealing surface outer phase. 4) Each rubber mat, if not spare 2, grafting if flat, adhesion strong, no empty drum. Shall not use adhesive water-soluble adhesives. 5, valve inspection: 1) Valve must have a manufacturer's product certification, performance, test reports, product specifications and packing list. 2) Check valve type, model, material is consistent with the design requirements. 3) The gate valve in the line should be done before the installation appearance inspection, valve body, parts should be no cracks, double skin, sand holes, defects such as corrosion and sag, check whether the pull rod is flexible rotation, with and without jamming phenomenon, connect body inspection when necessary. 6, construction machinery and equipment: 1 mobile crane, semi trailer, such as lifting and transport equipment shall be according to the pipe weight, officialdom, groove depth and soil conditions, operation conditions and hoisting equipment supply requirement. 2 pipe cutter, power supply equipment, pipe joint, chain ( Manual hoist) And link chain, steel wire rope, jack configuration according to process requirements. 3 tools: hook, crowbar, sounding rod, steel tape, spirit level, feet, square box, line drop, flat file, pliers, screwdriver, wrench, hammer, car brush, cloth, etc. 4 for ductile iron pipe 'T' shape interface can also use a dedicated machine, such as connecting rod jack and special ring to install remove more convenient. Connecting rod diameter DN80 - jack use The diameter is 12-250, a special ring used 2000. Table 9. 2. 2 for part of the installation tools to choose reference table.
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