Ductile pipes engineering construction preparation work, A)

by:XEX     2020-12-26
1, ductile pipes and pipe fittings: 1) Nodular cast iron pipe and fitting should be consistent with existing national regulations on quality standards, and has the certificate of approval. Material and size tolerance of fitting the rules of the bad review should be consistent with existing national standards. 2) Have been qualified warehousing storage of pipes, pipe fittings, valve should be done before installing the re-inspection is damaged, with crack and cosmetic defects shall not be used. 3) Pipe and fitting surface should be smooth full, firm adhesion. Socket internal and external pins stab fly too thick, casting sand and bitumen, etc should be eradicated, the damage of internal and external anticorrosive coating shall be repaired by qualified rear can use. 4) Adopt flexible interface of nodular cast iron pipe, rubber ring bell mouth in working face and jack's face should be smooth, clear outline, can not have influence interface sealing defects. 2, the rubber ring: 1) Ductile casting pipe interface flexible rubber ring, material and specification, detail size should comply with the corresponding nodular cast iron pipe and pipe fittings pipe of existing national standards in the regulations on rubber ring, appropriate supporting supply by pipe supply unit. 2) Rubber ring should be homogeneous structure, the form complete, smooth surface, no distorted phenomenon. Before use should check them one by one, can not have fracture, damage, air bubble, big flash and other defects. Its hardness, compression ratio, tensile resistance, such as geometry size shall conform to the relevant standards and design requirements. 3) Gasket should be quality inspection qualified inspection report. After products arrived at the scene, should check the 5% of the hardness of sealing rubber ring, compression ratio and tensile resistance, its value is not less than qualified standard. 3, the flange interfaces: 1) Before the interface flange, bolts and nuts for inspection. 2) Flange surface should be smooth, no cracks, seal surface can not have scar, sand holes and radial grooves, seal groove in conformity with the provisions, the screw hole position accurately. 3) Bolt, nut models conform to the requirement of design.
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