Due to the different aims of precision casting precision casting of heat treatment

by:XEX     2021-01-28
Due to the different aims of castings' target='_blank'>precision casting, heat treatment very much, basically can be divided into two categories, the first kind of structure does not change due to heat treatment or should not be changed, the second is the basic structure of change. For the first time heat treatment process is mainly used to eliminate the internal stress, in the process of internal stress is made of stainless steel casting cooling conditions and different conditions. Organization, strength and other mechanical properties did not change significantly, because of the heat treatment. For the second heat treatment, the main base and al qaeda have obvious change, can be roughly divided into five categories. 1, softening annealing: its purpose is to decompose carbide, lower the hardness and improve the processing performance. For ductile iron, its purpose is to gain more ferrite. 2. Normalizing: the main purpose is to obtain pearlite and soxhlet structure, in order to improve the mechanical properties of the stainless steel castings. 3, quenching treatment, mainly in order to obtain high hardness and wear-resistant strength, at the same time to achieve high surface wear resistance. 4. Surface hardening: main purpose is to obtain the surface hardening layer and get a very high surface wear resistance. 5, precipitation hardening: mainly is high strength, elongation no radical changes.
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