Elimination of nodular cast iron pipe fittings factory cold slag is the best way?

by:XEX     2021-02-19
Temperature is very low, the slag liquid iron, pig iron sulfur content is high, the blast furnace will become worse, ductile iron pipes called hearth cooling. In ferrite transformation after castings' target='_blank'>casting, can promote the nature of the ferrite of crystal form, and add about 3 nm micro VC. Is a method to test in vacuum high frequency induction furnace melting, and then cast into 50 kg billet as test data. Further development big good, slag and iron are inseparable, slag can't from the slag discharge mouth, iron mouth can't discharge, hearth is condensation or condensation state, called a hearth freeze. In order to keep the tuyere clear, must be timely discharge cold slag iron row in the first place. Ductile iron pipe fittings should avoid suspension and tuyere is paste. The second meeting will collect coke and light materials to the hearth heating. Details: 1) To collect and add clean coke, select the entire focal mine system, stop the pelletizing production, increase the rate of ore block; 2) A small amount of air operations, to prevent the occurrence of large slide in furnace cooling; 3) From the furnace to remove a lot of cold slag iron; ( 4) Lightweight materials organization windproof, after arriving in tuyere tuyere are processing. 1523 k, the slab hot forging into a diameter of 40 mm round steel, eager to take a variety of samples from the round steel casting simulation control tests are carried out. In the testing process, in order to investigate the influence of processing conditions on the hardness and strength, can obtain higher intensity of low temperature is discussed machining conditions and the soft parts of high temperature processing conditions.
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