Engine block casting gating system

by:XEX     2021-02-22
Diesel engine is one of the important part of nuclear emergency diesel generator, diesel engine performance directly affects the reliability of the diesel generator, as the main diesel engine and the parts of the body, it is the premise of guarantee the normal work of the diesel engine, the performance of the casting quality requirement is very high. In the process of engine block of precision casting, the design of gating system has a great influence on casting quality, reasonable pouring system design is the guarantee of high quality engine block casting. Nuclear power diesel engine body precision casting plan can be divided into two categories, vertical casting and horizontal casting. Vertical casting is cylinder hole face down, on the bottom baseboard facing pouring way; Horizontal casting is under observation window facing to side, on the other side towards the pouring way, horizontal pouring system is generally applicable to small and medium-sized engine block. The precision casting for nuclear power diesel engine, and generally adopted bottom note type gating system or step gating system. The design of gating system, the general emphasis on two principles, one is as far as possible the bottom note type, bottom note type gating system, smooth filling mould casting, casting smooth filling is the basic condition to ensure the quality of the casting; Second, on the basis of the filling speed of runner as far as possible in the limited to be less than 0. 5m/s。
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