Feed water pipe and drainage pipe, how to choose the material you want

by:XEX     2020-11-17
Feed water pipe and drainage pipe many, whether to choose what kind of material, to comprehensive analysis and comparison, 1) Reinforced concrete pipe. This kind of pipe corrosion resistance, more vigorous, but the construction, installation inconvenience. ( 2) Grey cast iron pipe. This kind of pipe has good corrosion resistance, but more brittle, bearing capacity is not high. ( 3) Steel pipe. Spiral seam steel pipe and seamless steel tube, this kind of pipe bearing capacity is higher, better mechanical properties of the pipe, or connection, construction, but poor corrosion resistance. ( 4) Nodular cast iron water pipe, pipe material, the strength, stiffness are good, pipe corrosion resistant performance is good, degree of difficulty of construction, installation, pipe, it should not. ( 5) Rigid polyvinyl chloride ( PVC - U) Feed pipe, tube light, good construction, energy saving, corrosion resistant performance is good, the mechanical properties of steel tubes and steel pipes, ductile iron pipes than poor, pipe shearing, push and pull resistance is poor. ( 6) To whom polyethylene ( PE) Pipe, a new environmental protection building materials, pipes of push and pull resistance, shearing resistance, corrosion resistance is very good. But this tube is not resistant to high pressure. The maximum working pressure of PE100 to conduit to 1. 6MPa。 This is the country vigorously advocate and promote the use of steel tubes. This kind of pipe has a fatal weakness: flame retardant ( Takes care of the store to tighten fire) , easy to aging, This tube is strictly prohibited Ming laying) 。 More details please see xin, Nicholson's official website: http://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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