Five factors affecting the precision of the precision casting size

by:XEX     2021-01-11
The floorboard of the precision castings' target='_blank'>casting refers to a process, it refers to the use of sophisticated modelling method for precise casting process, a lot of castings can be got through precision casting, such as: hardware accessories, auto parts, motorcycle accessories and all kinds of valves, etc. , thus a kind of technology is very important in industry now. In precision casting, so we need to pay attention to what factors may affect the accuracy of precision casting size? First, the first is the structure of castings is a very important factor, general casting wall more thick, the greater the shrinkage rate, on the contrary the smaller; Second, casting material will also affect the intensive reading of precision casting, general of the higher the carbon content in the materials, line the smaller shrinkage rate, the greater the opposite line shrinkage; Third, molding shrinkage of casting also has a great influence, generally wax pattern of temperature and pressure and the influence of the holding time for size is very large; Fourth, the shell is also a very important factor, is usually used on zircon sand, zircon powder, on the sand, powder, etc. , store because of their expansion coefficient is very small; Fifth, casting temperature is an important factor, the higher the pouring temperature, the greater the shrinkage rate of it, so you need to control the pouring temperature. Wuxi xin, Jason precision casting co. , LTD. , has the abundant technical strength and the international advanced revestment precision casting equipment, one-stop services of mechanical processing capacity to provide quality services to the customers. Specializing in the production of high quality material such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel precision casting co. , LTD.
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