Flange connection of drainage system of the underground part of the installation

by:XEX     2021-02-19
Flange connection of drainage system of the underground part of the installation: 1, using the flexible interface mechanism of centrifugal casting' target='_blank'>cast iron pipe installation, connection mode for flange connection, used for toilet buried section. Material before entering the construction site inspection job seriously, the material must have a certificate, certificate of approval, apply mutatis inspection report, the pipe before use must clean up and make the tube inside and outside clean, to ensure smooth flow of the pipe installation must brush after two anticorrosive paint. 2, drainage pipe slope as I = 0. 01 pipeline before laying pipeline ditch compaction, prevent soil subsidence, piping installation before laid 20 ㎝ thick sand layer, cover again after installed after 20 ㎝ sand, pipe installation process must be added at the bottom of the clamps, prevent pipe sinking, brick pile spacing of 1. 5 meters, drain the riser must do concrete pile. 3, pipe installation; Water will pipe socket his direction, the installation position has always been water direction order to eliminate mouth, should be in the starting point of the drain pipe with lines to drain drainage outlet to find slope, at the end of every roots pipes with cement mortar and brick masonry under a 24:27 and clamps as support, pipe installation, both sides of the pipe should be wiped with slurry ash into a figure of eight to be fixed. 4, flexible interface flange, socket type cast iron pipe connection and installation steps: 4. 1, before installation shall be cast iron pipe straight pipe and pipe fittings of internal and external surface bonding dirt, debris and parts of the interface combination of sediment and other attached objects on the surface of the clear and clean. 4. 2, the flange gland set into the socket end, again set into the rubber sealing ring ( B type rubber seal trap interface style should be paid attention to its direction. 4. 3, insert the straight tube or pipe socket end socket, and make the pin end and socket insole with the installation of the 5 mm gap. Insert the process, should try to ensure that the axis of the inserted into the pipe and the axis of the tube socket in a straight line. 4. 4, calibration straight tube or pipe position, make the rubber sealing ring even close to the bell end chamfering, with a ( Crane) Preliminary fixed pipe. 4. 5, the flange gland and flange for screw holes, tighten bolts connection. Attention should be paid to make the rubber sealing ring even when fastening bolt stress. Three ear gland bolts should be three Angle synchronized, each successive tight; Four six ears, ears, 8 ears gland bolts should according to the diagonal direction in turn gradually tightened. 4. 6, adjust and tighten the ( Crane) Bolt, the pipe fixed. 5, according to the construction drawings to verify the coordinates of the pipelines, slope/sling mouth position correctly do after irrigation test, test the height is not less than the ground floor, 15 minutes after the water drop 5 minutes to fill up observation, no leakage for qualified for liquid level not drop interface.
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