Flexible cast iron drainage pipe features

by:XEX     2020-10-31
Flexible drainage tube characteristics of grey cast iron in mechanized continuous centrifugal casting process, straight and beautiful appearance, uniform wall thickness, length can be production according to user requirements, has the following a bit: 1. Highly effective noise suppression. Cast iron pipe and pipe fittings by the practice test, with an efficient noise characteristics of rubber seal connections can prevent noise transfer again. 2. Fire prevention performance is good. It can and does not require any device through the fire, will not produce a large number of harmful gas, would never become a building fire spreading transmission conductor. 3. It has excellent seismic performance and resistance to deformation. No other drainage material can replace cast iron drainage pipe of high hardness and the ability to keep out of shape not easily, flexible interface to make it have good aseismic capacity, lateral vibration capacity can reach + / - 31. 5 mm, and pipeline leakage water-proof, especially suitable for high-rise buildings. 4. Good corrosion resistance. Study shows that the cast iron pipe fittings can resist high chemical corrosion. 5. Good sealing performance. Using flange gland and chloroprene rubber high elastic wedge ring connection, sealed performance is good, allowed within + / - 15 ° swing without leakage. 6. Durable. Theory and practice has proved, cast iron pipe and pipe fittings stand the test of time, the service life of more than in 100. 7. Cost and convenience. W, A flexible interface cast iron pipe and pipe fittings easy assembly and maintenance, can save A lot of time, manpower and material resources, created A great convenience for construction. To this end, China's state bureau of quality and technical supervision on November 1, 1999 promulgated the GB/T12772 - 1999 the drainage is cast iron pipe and pipe fittings with flexible interface standard, the ministry of construction, the state economic and trade commission, bureau of quality and technical supervision, building allots jointly built housing [ 1999] No. 295 document specifically, 'since June 1, 2000, in new housing in cities and towns, the application in cast iron pipe with flexible interface and the drainage pipe fittings' standard flexible interface mechanism of cast iron drain '.
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