Flexible cast iron drainage pipe installation requirements

by:XEX     2020-10-29
2 the flexible cast iron drainage pipe installation requirements. 1 in civil engineering structure construction stage, the installation personnel should cooperate well drainage pipe through the wall, floor and concrete beams bearing structure of the reserved hole, embedded parts and casing reserved reserved embedded work. 2. 2 shall not adopt any signs of damage to the flexible interfaces drainage cast-iron straight pipe, pipe fittings and spare parts. For long-term storage of products, before using should be appearance inspection, performance test should be done if discovery is unusual. 2. 3 flexible interface cast iron pipe drainage piping system installation, straight pipe and pipe fittings shall be the sign outside the wall of set in the position of the obvious. 2. 4 drainage riser installation to allow the verticality deviation (per unit length 1米) Should be not more than 3 mm, length ( More than 5 m) Should be not more than 15 mm. Horizontal drainage pipe slope should comply with the design requirements, it is forbidden to appear no slope, the phenomenon of the slope. Should have strong support at the bottom of the riser or piers. 2. 5 iron straight tube should be cut, the incision should face and straight pipe vertical axis, and will cut smooth. 2. When building local drainage is cast iron pipe with flexible interface of straight pipe sections need line installation, its interface with a little deviation is allowed, but must first according to the axial ( Deflection Angle is zero) After the connection is good again. Each interface of the clamp shall not be greater than 3 ° deflection Angle, shall not be greater than 5 ° flange socket type. 2. 7 flexible interface cast iron pipe drainage riser and discharge pipe connection, should use two 45 ° elbow, and in the bottom of the riser fixed measures such as setting piers or stent. 2. 8 floor drain wear holes should be reserved, hole is bigger than pipeline no. 2, after the pipe installation should be filling sealing compound closed tightly. The riser should be higher than the floor surface around 20 mm, the width is greater than or equal to 30 mm resistance hydrosphere.
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