Flexible cast iron pipe economic benefit analysis

by:XEX     2020-10-28
In recent years the price of the spiral UPVC drainage pipe is more than twice of ordinary solid wall UPVC pipe, the sound effect is much better than the solid wall of the stand pipe drains, actual cost is close to or even more than W, type A flexible interface cast iron pipe, in conclusion, in the construction engineering, cost and effect, give attention to two or morethings suggest that horizontal and vertical main main use W, type A flexible interface cast iron pipe, pipe socket cast iron pipe with cement interface, UPVC pipe is not desirable. If think in terms of save steel, environmental protection, UPVC pipe has the advantage. Cast iron drainage pipe in the drainage engineering as the leading product for A long time, the price is quite advantage, although in recent years UPVC drainage pipe occupied A considerable market share, but W, type A flexible interface drainage properties of cast iron pipe is far more than UPVC pipe, so the practice has proved, senior residential and public buildings generally use W, cast iron pipe type A flexible interface. From a cost point of view, labor in basic same, than the cement interface socket cast iron pipe had a lower labor; Pipe prices ordinary UPVC pipe is approximately equal to 1/3 of the W, A type cast iron pipe, but as A result of UPVC pipe in floor and partition wall shall be in accordance with the regulations set fire collars, more than five years of fire collars price is quite high, plus the cost of the expansion joints etc, UPVC drainage pipe cost and W, type A flexible interface cast iron pipe. But branch pipe is far lower than the cost of W, type A flexible interface cast iron pipe, so the main and riser in the engineering use W, type A flexible interface cast iron pipe, branch pipe using UPVC pipe cost more appropriate.
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