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by:XEX     2021-02-25
Choose ductile casting than one important reason is that ductile casting steel casting cost is low. Ductile casting of low cost to make this kind of material with popular, the casting of high efficiency and less ductile casting machining cost. Below, ductile iron for you on ductile casting surface cleaning steps. Ductile casting after doffing, need to clean up the casting, it is a very important step in the casting process, casting cleaning is scientific and reasonable, on the surface of the casting quality has a great influence. After casting, cleaning, is shakeout rid of casting body outside of the spare parts, and polishing finishing casting process on the surface of the inside and outside. Main work to remove iron core and core, removal of gate and riser, brace and a meat, clear sticky sand casting and the surface foreign body, relief grinding cutting steel, such as sewing and burr projections, and casting surface grinding and finishing etc. Several parts of the ductile casting surface cleaning ductile casting production is often with the help of dust venue, often with a lot of dust in air, they constantly fall on the surface equipment. They can use water to get rid of or alkaline solution. However, there is adhesion of dirt need high pressure water or steam to clean up. On any surface, free iron will rust and corrosion of stainless steel. Therefore must be removed. Float pink usually can be removed with dust. Some adhesion strong, must according to the embedded iron processing. In order to prevent the lubricant process or products and/or dirt deposition, scratches and other rough surfaces must be mechanical cleaning. Ductile casting before the production or manufacturing process sometimes see rust on the stainless steel product or equipment, it shows that surface severely contaminated. Investment of equipment before use must get rid of rust, surface should be thoroughly cleaned by iron test experiment and/or water. Xin, Johnson was founded in 2012 on April 8, the transportation is convenient in: guangzhou, high-speed, high-speed Shen Hai, same highways as well. Is a company specializing in the production of cast copper, cast iron, cast aluminum manufacturers.
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