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by:XEX     2021-02-25
Casting of the carbon in casting' target='_blank'>cast iron with flake graphite form, its fracture is gray, usually also called gray iron. Due to graphite soft, with lubrication, thus casting pig iron has good cutting, wear-resisting and casting performance. A: what is the meaning of the nodular cast iron in front of the hot metal casting, supplying the molten iron with a small amount of nodulizing agent ( Such as magnesium, calcium, and rare earth elements, etc. ) And graphite agent ( Such as ferrosilicon, calcium silicon alloy) To promote carbon exist in spheroidal graphite crystallization, this kind of cast iron called nodular cast iron. Nodular cast iron in strength, plasticity and toughness considerably more than gray cast iron, or even close to the steel. In acid medium, nodular cast iron corrosion resistance is poorer, but in other medium corrosion resistance is better than gray cast iron. Its price is lower than steel. Because it has both the advantages of ordinary cast iron and steel, and become a new kind of structural material. In the past made of carbon steel and alloy steel parts (important Such as crankshaft, connecting rod, the main shaft and medium pressure valve, etc. ) A lot of, now switch to nodular cast iron. Through the die casting molding, machining precision parts, not pouring, through high temperature and time. Ductile cast iron is a kind of new foundry process, the difference between ordinary and generally on the quality of a material, typically have used in the production of manhole covers, pipe fittings, etc. Density: similar to the density of steel. 2: what is gray iron grey cast iron is a kind of cast iron, internal carbon exists in the flake graphite. Fracture is gray, so grey for short. The machining surface of grey: it is gray, the luster is very dark, the surface is rough. Ductile iron, grey, luster is grey iron bright, surface roughness of grey. Filing test of grey: filing resistance is small, when filing a & other; Shua shua & throughout; , very few sticky file, sawdust is a film, a small silvery white window, peered at the particle sizes and give priority to with small particles at the end of the fine, ground with his finger, it is easy to darken the fingers. Ductile iron: when filing resistance slightly larger than the ash, also has the obvious & other; Shua shua & rsquo; ’ , rarely stick file, sawdust is a film, a fine bright spots, particle size, but is given priority to with large particles, grinding with finger sawdust, can make the fingers stained black, but the degree of grey iron dark to light. 3, listen to beat grey: a deep voice, a very short duration. Ductile iron: crisp, lingering sound, short duration. 4, grey iron is grey cast iron, and the matching is nodular cast iron. Both are a cast iron. 4: what USES mainly for the production of ferrous metal foundry pig iron castings, such as gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, white cast iron, vermicular cast iron, cast iron cold shock, wear resistant cast iron, etc. Model with nodular cast iron with cast iron GB1412 - 85, foundry pig iron GB718 - 82, different type cast iron: brand with silica content points, such as the Q12, nodular cast iron with cast iron, silicon content, 0 to 1 1, 1, 4%, by an average of 2%. With manganese content grouping, with phosphorus content classification, the sulfur content in classification. Five: foundry raw casting of grey iron and the ball have to differ? Production of nodular cast iron cast iron is higher than grey cast iron parts requirements, especially the content of sulfur, manganese, silicon control more strictly. In the middle of the carbon exist in different shapes. Grey iron graphite morphology to flake or cotton wool, exist in spheroidal graphite in ductile iron. Cast iron foundry, choose xin foundry. Our company is a company specializing in the production of cast copper, cast iron, cast aluminum manufacturers. Factory workers casting mature technology strength our factory has accumulated rich experience in casting, pay attention to product technology, production of stable product quality, can be comparable to similar products at home and abroad.
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