For you to explain the difference between the iron processing and ductile casting processing - Cast iron parts processing

by:XEX     2021-02-24
Zui close, there are many friends asked our small make up here, ductile casting production and processing and cast iron products production and processing of the difference between what? As a good pig iron foundries, small make up nature is to bring us the knowledge of the following. Iron is beyond 2% iron - carbon content Carbon aluminum alloy. Industrial production on the application of cast iron is generally have 2% to 4% of the carbon element. Carbon key entities in high purity graphite in cast iron way, sometimes in the form of cementite entities. In addition to carbon, cast iron contains 1% to 3% of silicon, and manganese, phosphorus, sulfur and other elements. According to the grey cast iron water nodulizing ductile casting, heavy high-purified graphite is spherical, this is called the ductile casting. It is general grey cast iron have high compressive strength, better ductility and malleability. To gas turbine manufacturing, auto parts and agricultural machinery. Manufacturer of cast iron mechanical parts structure in accordance with the characteristics of numerical control lathe processing process performance: 1, the interior surface of mechanical components and designs are generally choose unified kinds of geometric shapes and specifications. To reduce CNC blade types and changing frequency, make the programming is convenient, but also increased the production economic benefits. 2, slot arc within half can not be too small, because the size of the groove fillet in CNC blade diameter size are in addition to decision-making. The technical performance of the parts and the production processing and the height of the contour, with the size of the switching arc, etc. 3, mechanical parts cutting plan, groove bottom arc with not too much. See here, I believe you about the complete difference between iron and ductile casting machining had certain understanding. Of course, if you are looking for cast iron foundry, try to inquire us, we wholeheartedly at your service.
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