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Foundry casting application - in the jewelry industry Foundry casting

by:XEX     2020-11-15
Foundry castings' target='_blank'>casting refers to the use of clay bonded sand for casting, molding materials production is the process method has a long history, is also the most widely application scope. With a long history dating back to thousands of years ago; Its application scope, can be said that there is no place not all over the world. Foundry casting small make up will come today to tell you about the application in the accessories. 。 Into the 21st century the most popular act the role ofing is tasted, and before it not forming is through jewelry casting can be made. “ Sand casting & throughout; When will act the role ofing is tasted the second half of the first type on the tablet, put sand filling sand compaction, leveling the type made out, will make good jewelry sand mold turn 180 degrees, put half type, parting agent, put sand, sand filling and tight, leveling, will be on the sand box turn 180 degrees, pulled out, the second half of the type, then turn 180 degrees and the combined well, ornaments made out of sand mould, wait for pouring. The process known as - - “ Jewelry casting & throughout; 。 That is about foundry casting application in the accessories, hope to be of help. Today small make up to you at this point, let's see you next time.
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