Foundry development in China, come and get new knowledge - Casting, casting development course

by:XEX     2021-02-27
Casting is one of the foundation of modern machinery manufacturing industry process, so the development of foundry industry marked the production strength of a country. Has become one of the powers of the foundry machinery in our country, in the foundry machinery manufacturing industry has made great achievement in recent years. “ Weaving & throughout; During casting machinery manufacturing by the original mechanical and electrical department attaches great importance to, into one of the largest since the founding of the special technical renovation loans and research costs, support the development of the foundry machinery industry products and development. “ Big shot blasting cleaning machine manufacturing & throughout; ,“ Vertical parting flaskless shoot pressure molding machine & throughout; ,“ The development of the sodium silicate sand old sand regeneration equipment & throughout; ,“ Metal mold casting equipment & throughout; Application and so on have been developed. “ The ninth & throughout; During casting machinery industry and set up completed & other; Car casting blank elaboration efficient modelling and clean up the complete set of technologies and equipment & throughout; Task, & other; Cylinder efficient continuous shot blasting cleaning line throughout the development and research &; Also a complete success, completed in 1999 national research high levels of air impact molding line project success. “ 15 & throughout; Period, casting machinery industry the main economic indicators of the average annual growth of 30% or more, above the level of the machine tool to the industry average growth, especially the profit growth faster, annual profit growth as high as 46%, at the same time maintain a higher level of sales. In addition, resin sand casting equipment, basic can meet the demand of domestic market, changed the situation in the past mainly rely on import; Have been able to produce higher levels of casting automatic production line, can partly replace imported level, part solved the car engine cylinder block and cylinder head casting blank also want to import; High level automatic core making machine, automatic casting sand blasting machine, automatic machine and large automatic die casting machine and precision casting equipment, casting machinery, basically can manufacture in China. Ought to say & other; 15 & throughout; During casting machinery industry product level had the very big enhancement, to the further development of Chinese foundry machinery industry in the future to lay a good foundation. “ 11th five-year plan & throughout; During the casting industry under the stimulus of huge market demand, will continue to remain high speed growth. Because of foundry machinery products technical level still and the market demand gap is larger, the development of the industry there is a huge development potential and the extension of space, bring the rapid growth of the foundry machinery industry opportunities.
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