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Foundry industry talent less and less, do the boss's heart! - Cast iron foundry

by:XEX     2020-10-24
Why do you say of pig iron foundry industry talented person less and less now? Difficulties encountered! The following content to tell the boss in foundry industry must voice! According to check, 58% of the most sought-after smelting workers, 20% of the enterprises lack of molder, 46% of the enterprises lack of professional foundry engineer, 49% enterprises lack of foundry engineer, 34% of the enterprises lack of inspector and professional management personnel, the phenomenon of lack of talent in the foundry industry is not alone. An ailing, industry development, causes the brain drain in recent years, the global industry downturn, the foundry industry shrinking and depression, many enterprises production, production, and even failures, but the raw material price rise, decline in corporate profits fast. Treatment of talents and the development direction, the diversification of market demand, job-hopping, profession technical backbone are increasing. Second, reduction of colleges and universities training institutions, resulting in high-quality talent lack of the 90 s and 1950 s has more than 50 domestic universities set up the casting professional, is the main channel of cultivating talents of casting. However, as the education reform, broaden the marketability, the Ministry of Education has no professional directory casting, welding, forging and so on. Most schools no longer set casting, casting professional graduates have been very few, plus some large and medium-sized enterprises engaged in the production, administrative office in a factory schools have a downward trend, leading to increasingly difficult casting professional new sources. Third, poor working conditions, working enthusiasm is not tall, some enterprises production line moment is faced with high temperature, noise, pungent gas, dust, poor working conditions of the test. In addition, the current national economic reform unceasing deepening, the continuous improvement of people's living standard, graduate employment choice of degrees of freedom is larger, treatment of foundry enterprises advantages and obvious enough, thanks in large part from the enthusiasm and passion of the young generation in the casting industry. Four ageing, casting, casting technology period at present, the older generation of casting expert talent, most have ageing, professor will need a lifetime studies to a new generation, but casting backbone fluidity big, less professional colleges to cultivate talents, talents working enthusiasm is not high, strict professional factors, such as the technology transfer of less talent, and so on, the foundry technology training slam shut, no awkward situation. The master said, casting and mechanical industry is a great industry, is the foundation of all industries, the need to spend a lot of effort to grasp knowledge inside. Is worthy of our efforts to cast iron foundry industry. Xin, Nicholson welcome you!
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