Foundry workers day, hail to the foundry industry brothers!

by:XEX     2020-11-06
In people's impression, casting is a collection & the other; Bitter, dirty, hot, tired and risk & throughout; In the integration of work, but it is the foundation of auto industry development. In July 1953, China's first automobile factory in changchun, as the first step of the automotive industry, faw foundry is born at that time. Over the past 60 years, batch casting gave the youth to the hot furnace. Summarized the distribution of sand casting production, molding, sand core, melting, pouring, cleaning and other professional technology, every line division of labor is clear, in an orderly way. The graph is: sand core workshop team work of round spot. Casting, relying on fire and force, the working environment of hard natural needless to say. Perennial smoke billowing in the workshop, close to the melting pot will sweat is noted. The graph is: power frequency furnace hot metal workers in spheroidizing. “ The light of calcium carbide & throughout; Between, on the mechanical properties of the cast iron has been reshaping. Dancing the buzzing, spray of molten steel and molten iron flows, sand wave billow & hellip; … Furnace hot metal is more than 1300 degrees Celsius, workshop temperature is above 40 degrees Celsius. Long time working in the fire, workers face are baking peeling. In order to ensure safety in production, a worker of intermediate frequency furnace lining for overhaul. Intermediate frequency furnace is metal heating equipment, it is because of the furnace, to convert ten thousand tons of steel to steel, great importance to the safety in production here, maintenance and repair work must be meticulous. The graph is: the workers are repairing intermediate frequency furnace. Dust in the workshop, all the year round to put on a thick mask. The most hard for cleaning station, work to be protected to wearing gas masks, morning becomes a & other; Clay figurine & throughout; 。 After a day of work, workers go to dining hall.
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