Gray iron castings

by:XEX     2021-02-18
Gray iron castings, ASTM A48 - 92). Order contract shall include the following terms: if you need special heat treatment. On the surface of the hardness test. The required surface hardening depth and surface hardness. Hardness requirements: foundry should take the necessary control and inspection technology to ensure the hardness of castings conform to the specified scope, the test method for brinell hardness according to ASTM E10, after the thickness of the casting surface have to remove enough material testing, to ensure the representative of hardness readings. Except otherwise 10 mm steel ball and 3000 kg load should be adopted. In the area of the casting on testing hardness and its position shall be decided by both parties of supply and demand, and in the drawings. Applicable to the main consideration of tensile strength generally engineering with gray iron castings, castings according to different casting test bar tensile strength grading. In this kind of cast iron parts, chemical composition relative to tensile strength is secondary. Standard of 'when the manufacturer and the purchaser a written agreement, castings meet the hardness, chemical composition, microstructure, leakage, X-ray inspection without defects, size and surface accuracy requirements is necessary'. When casting orders or production, according to a separate sample properties of the casting is divided into several levels, each level with a number followed by a letter, Numbers separately cast test bar minimum tensile strength, letters of the specifications of the test bar. For example: gray iron castings, ASTMA48, 30 b said ASTMA48 production, according to the standard minimum tensile strength of 30000 pounds per inch (2 207MPa) Nominal diameter is 1, the test bar. 2 inches ( 30. 5毫米) 。
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