Guan gray iron foundry during the welding process of the common problem what? - Dongguan gray iron foundry

by:XEX     2020-11-12
Now today this developed society, surrounded by all kinds of products have greatly improved, it is because of the advanced machine and exquisite technology to have a better development ability, brings great help for us, as we often see in daily life of cast iron parts, cast iron parts have different characteristics of different nature, and these cast iron production very have a requirement, technology is very complicated, which need to really do a good job in such a process, we need to know the products of all sorts of problems. So what are the common problems in our dongguan gray iron foundry! In the production of cast iron parts, we have a high demand for its process, especially the details more attention should be paid to the problem of good, are we little detail and especially the subsequent big problems. Like grey cast iron, in general, we have the following several kinds of common problem, and master the subsequent production will have great help to us. 1. After welding produce white it is generally believed in the 30 - organization 100 ℃ / s rapid cooling conditions, most people doesn't melt in the iron carbon precipitation in the form of graphite, and assumes the cementite appear, the so-called white. Including our white hard and brittle, makes it hard for weld after welding, machining, even lead to cracking. For this kind of phenomenon, prevention measures is preheating before welding and after welding heat preservation; Adjust the chemical composition of the filler metal and the cooling speed; Improve the chemical composition of weld metal. 2. Weld crack of this was due to bad grey cast iron and plastic, and basic can't happen any plastic deformation, and its intensity is low, so the welding stress and stress under the effect of casting itself, when the local stress is greater than the ultimate strength, can produce crack. For this kind of phenomenon, prevent measures: can use arc cold welding reduce welding stress, the second is to choose good plastic welding materials, such as nickel, copper, high vanadium steel as filler metal, so that the weld metal by plastic deformation stress relaxation, to prevent the crack; And we can use hammer weld can eliminate stress, prevent crack; Finally make the weld is cooling can fill hindered free shrinkage, to avoid excessive force causes the crack, so the common problems in dongguan gray iron foundry are you understand me!
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