Higher knowledge! Casting process dynamic graph method

by:XEX     2021-02-18
Die castings' target='_blank'>casting, Note that die casting is not short for pressure casting Is a metal casting process, its characteristic is to use the mold cavity of melting metal under pressure. Moulds are usually with higher strength alloy processing, this some similar molding process. Sand casting is made of sand mold. Sand casting need to move into the finished parts in model or in a wooden model ( Shape) Fill the sand, and then in the weekend, after unpacking take shape mold sand formation. In order to remove before casting metal model, mold should be made into two or more parts; In the process of mold production, must be set aside to mold casting metal holes and vents, synthesis of gating system. After mold casting metal liquid keep proper time, until the metal solidification. After take out the parts, molds have been destroyed, so must make new molds for each casting.
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