History of nodular cast iron ( 3)

by:XEX     2021-02-12
High nickel austenite nodular cast iron has also made progress, it in oil machinery, chemical equipment, industrial furnace device applications are successful. Foundry industry is an important branch of mechanical industry, due to the existence of graphite cast iron excellent casting performance and machining performance and antifriction performance, vibration reduction performance and low notch sensitivity. And casting production equipment is simple, low manufacturing cost, and therefore is widely used in industrial production. In all kinds of mechanical products, in terms of quality of the casting the proportion is as high as 50% above. In our country developed RQTAL5Si5 heat-resisting cast iron used as the service life of heat resistant bar is 3 times of gray cast iron, 2 times the ordinary heat-resisting cast iron, and with Japan Cr25Ni13Si2 the service life of heat resistant steel. In the aspect of heat resistant nodular cast iron, besides the silicon in nodular cast iron, total system is studied and Si + Al antigrowth ability of rare earth magnesium nodular cast iron. Casting quality index of the first is the mechanical properties, mechanical properties test artifacts method basically has two, one is the tensile test, and hardness test. Tensile test are artifacts of tensile strength, yield strength and elongation, and hardness test is under the conditions stipulated in the respective material elasticity, plasticity, strength, toughness and wear resistance of various physical quantities such as comprehensive performance. In the United States almost every product in the casting standard rules for tensile test. Most of the products stipulated the hardness test.
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