History of nodular cast iron ( A)

by:XEX     2021-02-12
Nodular casting' target='_blank'>cast iron as a new engineering material development speed is amazing. Rare earth magnesium nodulizing agent suitable for China's national conditions, the successful development of as-cast nodular cast iron and austenite Bainite ductile cast iron and other fields of production technology and research work have reached a very high technical level. In 1947 Britain H. Morrogh found that additional cerium in hypereutectic gray cast iron, its content in 0. More than 2 wt % graphite spheres. The United States in 1948 A. P。 Ganganebin et al. Research suggests that adding magnesium in cast iron, then used ferrosilicon inoculation, when residual magnesium amount greater than zero. 4 wt %, the spheroidal graphite. Since then, nodular cast iron began a large-scale industrial production. Ductile iron production in our country started early, has successfully developed and put into production in 1950, up to now produces 2. 3 million tons of iron and nodular cast iron in our country, is located in the United States, Japan, the world third. In 2000 reached 15 million tons. Ductile iron production in industrial developed countries particularly fast development speed. 75% of the world's ductile iron production by the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy, Britain, France produced by the six countries. 1949 world with nodular cast iron production of 50000 tons, 53, 1960. Increase to 5 million tons, 50000 tons, 1970 in 1980 to 7. 6 million tons, 9. 15 million tonnes in 1990.
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