Hong Kong precision foundry: the structure of castings and air contact area

by:XEX     2020-11-01
Because of its casting in metal mold cooling solidification faster than in the sand mold, metal mold not somewhere to make sex, so when the metal mold casting, the dongguan precision foundry casting stress generated in the casting is bigger than the sand mold casting crack tendency is big also, in the process of using are not prone to pouring and cold-lap phenomenon. Casting wall thickness uniformity, excessive and the connection between the wall to ease, the product more rounded appropriate Angle and so on various aspects requirements some are stricter than the sand mold casting casting equipment should be connected to the vertical wall connected to tilt. Dongguan precision foundry relatively weak part of the rib should be set up for structure, convex platform, such as strengthening, this can effectively prevent the casting crack, in the process of using free shrinkage should decrease as far as possible in the casting, convex rib, flange and other highlights. Casting pieces of the need to strengthen the effective arrangement of rib, also need to consider in the process of use to its influence on the casting shrinkage, so that we can prevent the metal mold casting casting pouring deficiency and cold insulation problems should be paid attention to the following structure. Casting wall thickness to appropriate energy too thin, especially when casting contour size larger cannot too thin, more products, to be effective in the process of using the level of the need to avoid big, because it yes when pouring castings, metal liquid rising slowly. Dongguan precision foundry air contact surface is big, easy oxidation, at the same time, due to its metal heat faster, the metal will lose its liquidity quickly, very easy to cause the defects such as lack of casting, slag inclusion, cold insulation. https://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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