How about sales of ductile cast iron under XEX?
There is no exact data here. Such information might be revealed when a reliable partnership is established. We sell ductile cast iron in domestic and international markets. Our sales have increased year by year. This makes us more competitive in the market.

Guangzhou Xinerxun Metal Trading Co., Ltd. is known as the premier supplier of bottle capping machine. We are widely accepted in the manufacturing industry. We will show you the sand casting series that is most popular with customers. This product can realize many special architectural performance techniques, mainly in the form of styling, diffuse light transmission, and rich color. The product has the features of easy installation. With so many advantages, the product has a very good prospect in future market applications. Improved contact stiffness makes it extremely popular in the markets.

Our company has adopted socially responsible business practices. In this way, we successfully improve employee morale, strengthen relationships with customers and deepen the ties to the many communities in which we operate.
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