How about Xin Wilson independent R&D capabilities?
Guangzhou Xinerxun Metal Trading Co., Ltd.'s R&D team's excellent product knowledge and unfettered creativity are obtained through detailed processing and testing of cast steel enabling us to develop revolutionary, new or improved solutions. Independent research and development capabilities are the DNA of our company. Our main goal is to continuously innovate the market to stay ahead of our competitors.

Xin Wilson has been one of the most competitive manufacturers since establishment. We design, manufacture, and test automative machine for a wide variety of applications. We will show you the sand casting series that is most popular with customers. XEX casting manufacturing process has been tested in many factors. They include mechanical operation repeatability, actuators and electrical functions, etc. Good vibration absorption property contributes to its wide application in different industries such as the auto industry. This product not only helps workers to reduce the workload, but also it can reduce the error rate in the workplace because it allows workers to focus on their work effectively. Adopting alloy steel as one of the materials, it features high strength.

Our corporate culture is to be innovative. That is, to work outside the box, to reject mediocrity, and to never drift along.
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