How about Xin Wilson logistics distribution system?
Guangzhou Xinerxun Metal Trading Co., Ltd. has cooperated with many freight forwarders to make on-time delivery. At our company, the team is ready to schedule product distribution. It is responsible for stock management and product loading. In the distribution process, some measures are taken to ensure the integrity of the product. It is difficult to find a damaged product.

Xin Wilson has been advancing the development, design, and production of metal casting and we have been considered as one of the reliable manufacturers. We will show you the lost foam casting series that is most popular with customers. XEX aluminum die casting machine must go through the following inspection process. They are surface defects tests, specification consistency tests, mechanical properties tests, functional realization tests, etc. Due to the extremely low fracture sensitivity of the ductile iron, it has high mechanical properties. With so many advantages, the product is considered to have a wide range of market applications. Its high hardness can help withstand relatively large impact force.

We care for the environment. We use environmentally friendly technologies in our production activities to minimize the possible adverse effects on the environment.
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