How long will it take if I want 3d automation equipment sample?
We ensure the on-time shipment of automation equipment samples. Normally, the shipment of samples will take no more than one month. We also provide real-time logistics tracking for customers in a considerate manner, from which customers can learn more information about the shipment status. We have worked with experienced logistic companies for years, which is notable for a high on-time delivery rate of over 80%. So we are confident that our samples will be timely shipped to your designated location.

Founded years ago, Guangzhou Xinerxun Metal Trading Co., Ltd. is a supplier of lost foam casting that focuses solely on product development and manufacturing for global markets. We will show you the sand casting series that is most popular with customers. The production of XEX container corner cast steel includes many stages. They are mechanical structure design, control system design, metal material preparation, etc. There is no possibility of cracking for the product. Our dedicated R&D team has made significant improvements to the XEX iron castings production technology. Its high hardness can help withstand relatively large impact force.

We put forth efforts to reduce carbon emissions in our production. By showing that we care about improving and preserving the environment, we aim to gain more support and business and also build a solid reputation as an environmental leader.
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