How to carry on the preservative treatment of ductile iron pipes

by:XEX     2021-01-17
How to preservative treatment of nodular cast iron pipe. Gas transmission pipeline in asphalt coating. Besmear after preheating pipe, can improve the bituminous paint adhesion, acceleration and wet. 2. Cement mortar lining + special coatings, external anticorrosion measures, is suitable for transporting sewage pipes, lining anticorrosion ability can be improved. 3. Epoxy coal tar coating epoxy coal tar coating is suitable for gas pipe and sewage pipe. It is a kind of two-component coating, high adhesion, the surface is very smooth. Epoxy ceramic lining epoxy ceramic lining applied to sewage pipeline and gas pipeline. But due to the manufacturing process, low cost, easier in using above have some limitations. Epoxy ceramic lining is a kind of low adhesion, high degree of finish of anticorrosive coatings. 5. Aluminate cement and sulfate cement coating two specific cement coating, applicable to the sewage pipe within Qingdao nodular cast iron pipe corrosion protection, improve the corrosion resistance of acid and alkali components of sewage. 6. Polyurethane coating is developed to meet the requirements of environmental protection is a new type of green, special coatings, has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
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