How to classify flexible connection cast iron pipe bend

by:XEX     2021-01-18
Commonly used socket pipe and cast iron pipe. Seismic interface flexible cast iron drainage straight pipe, this kind of cast iron pipe rubber ring seals, bolts, under external water pressure has good flexibility and scalability. It can be adapted to small axial displacement and lateral deflection, suitable for high-rise building indoor drains, especially in the earthquake zone. From the interface forms can be divided into: W/B flexible cast iron drainage pipe, flexible cast iron drainage pipe, type A flexible cast iron drainage pipe. Ductile iron pipes seismic performance is poor, short service life, high voice, intuitive installation, maintenance easy, save material. Flexible cast iron drainage pipe installation intuitive agile, greatly reduces the installation of artificial cost, raised the speed of the installation. At the same time, facilitate tear open outfit, be helpful for pipeline maintenance, remove and replace. When calibration pipe, steam trap with export alignment of sanitary ware. Our company production and sales of cast iron drainage pipe drainage system is widely used in construction engineering in recent years of a pipeline. Pipeline belongs to metal mold centrifugal casting, compact structure, low tensile strength, uniform thickness, smooth surface, the interface connection is agile, rubber ring seal, seismic performance is bad, can block noise transmission at the same time, is the peace pipe. Pipeline high temperature resistance, fire resistance bad, which can meet the need of fire safety; Corrosion resistant, anti-aging, short service life. Flexible cast iron drainage pipe are tall buildings and high-rise building perfect drainage pipe.
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