How to excavation in ductile iron pipe installation

by:XEX     2021-02-04
Ductile cast iron pipe installation how to excavation of nodular cast iron pipe installation excavation note: a. Adopt mechanical excavation earthwork excavation, the bottom of the channel reserved 20 cm by artificial stripping. Disturbance foundation excavation are strictly prohibited in the process of overbreak in case. For there are underground obstacles ( Current cables) Location by artificial excavation, it is forbidden to damage. b。 As far as possible according to the first after the deep shallow grooves excavation sequence, and drainage. c。 Excavated earthwork disposal, according to the site temporary outside, outside the staging, abandon the principle of combining. Slot earthwork that suitable backfill soil select properly position to pile up, but can not cover the annotations, such as measuring are staging in the field for trench backfilling. Backfill earthwork allocation reasonable plan before construction, prepare earthwork balance less earthwork sinotrans and site earthwork transportation. d。 After grooving to do soldering on the station agent, in accordance with the requirements of geological exploration, meet local foundation problems, such as graves, well, abandoned structures should inform the design and, in conjunction with the relevant personnel handling on site together, must not be disposed of without authorization. e. Invite the relevant personnel check in time after grooving groove, groove bottom qualified rear can be carried out under the procedure. In case of slot subsoil base do not conform to the requirements of the design, contact design, supervision unit and geological exploration departments, jointly study the basal treatment measures, before the next working procedure. ( The original from: http://www. xexfoundry。 com)
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