How to install after ductile pipe leak test

by:XEX     2020-10-29
How to install after tested whether ductile pipe leak tightness monitoring is essential in the process of ductile iron pipe production and use of process, is to guarantee the quality of our products and the production safety of important process gas leak detection including toxic gas leak detection, combustible gas leak detection and air tightness test. Most of the former two can, through the method of chemical sensors to detect, usually in the process of component or system used for testing. If you have appropriate sensors, the method is relatively simple. Nodular cast iron pipe with 180 degrees of plain concrete wall. Air tightness test need turns the soil in the cast iron pipe, if there is leakage, again need to clean up soil, broken concrete such as tedious work, so inevitably affect the construction schedule. In the common methods of project implementation, we generally take the following ways for ductile iron pipes air tightness check: method of commonly used methods of air tightness test has bubbles, daub method, chemical tracer gas leak detection method, pressure variation method, flow method, ultrasonic method and so on. More than the traditional method to measure the leakage by the methods of air bubbles and apply. Bubble is the artifacts into the water, filling the compressed air, and then in a certain period of time to collect bubbles to measure leakage from leaking out. Daub method is a certain pressure is filled in the internal surface of workpiece with soap and water kind of easy to produce bubbles in the liquid, observe bubble situation to determine the size of the leakage. The operation is simple, the two methods can directly observe the region and the leakage situation of leakage, but because I don't know in advance the workpiece leak location and several leak, difficult to collect all bubbles, affect the accuracy of the measurement; Second, in big volume, heavy, the outside surface of complex parts, air bubble at the bottom of the attached to the parts and fold and less prone to observe; After the test need to cleaning the dry processing of artifacts, unable to realize automatic and quantitative leak. ( The original from: http://www. xexfoundry。 com/)
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