How to prevent nodular cast iron pipe corrosion?

by:XEX     2021-01-16
Steel pipe is the industrial production and the social construction of one of the most important material. It is not only all kinds of engineering equipment frame materials, also is the basic component of engineering materials. Ductile iron pipes in 18 and over hot metal as the main raw material, add various kinds of auxiliary additives, the centrifugal ductile casting' target='_blank'>cast iron machine cast steel pipe. Can also be referred to as nodular cast iron pipe or nodular cast iron pipe. Ductile iron pipes in today's industrial production has been widely used, because it is both safe and reliable, but also has good anti-corrosion performance although nodular cast iron pipe anticorrosion performance is very good, but in actual use process, must have the necessary anticorrosive equipment, because it can not only ensure the performance of the ductile iron pipes, also prolong the service life of it. Asphalt coating is one of the ductile iron pipe anticorrosion methods, is very important to gas. Epoxy ceramic lining is also one of the most effective way. Although its anti-corrosion performance is good, but the production process is difficult and high cost. There are some problems in the nodular cast iron pipe market. Insufficient inventory increased customer's frequent replenishment. The current fair trading performance, but some companies have extremely out of stock. Therefore, late ductile cast iron pipe prices are expected to back slightly. In the traditional market, the peak season is usually a gold, silver and 10 pounds. In recent years, many enterprises to expand exports, overseas to gold, but the process is relatively difficult, basic ended in failure.
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