How to solve the pig iron slag content is too high - Pig iron casting

by:XEX     2021-01-16
Casting of the carbon in castings' target='_blank'>cast iron with flake graphite form, its fracture is gray, usually also called gray iron. Due to graphite soft, with lubrication, thus casting pig iron has good cutting, wear-resisting and casting performance. Pig iron slag content too high the solution can take the following measures. 1, improve the effect of slag iron separation occurring in the process of blast furnace smelting slag is the main source of pig iron slag content. To reduce the residue content in pig iron, the first thing to stable blast furnace condition, maintain appropriate the tapping temperature, to ensure that the slag iron separation. At the same time, we should strengthen the main iron groove of slag iron separation effect. Can be used & Gamma; The main iron groove. The difference between the characteristics of the main iron groove is the traditional sludge discharge slag ditch under the mouth widened, and away from the center line of the main channel, the slag overflow dam at the bottom of the discharge port is 5 & deg; To 30 & deg; The slope. Slag flow within the main ditch into 90 & deg; Change direction, slag iron grain affected by inertial subsidence quickly, very beneficial to slag iron separation. Determine the main iron groove section size, reduce iron liquid flow rate, on the basis of relevant information, make of slag iron rate less than 0. 1%, the main iron groove iron liquid flow rate should be lower than 1. 7米/分钟。 Reference formula, the main ditch section are available to determine the main iron groove section size. In the main iron add a slag plate groove in the middle. Slag is mainly used to reduce the follow-up tielui influence on slag iron stand separation efficiency, and can adjust the slag retaining plate and the main channel length direction Angle, the flow of lead slag tielui, reduce the impact on the skimmer bar. Slag plate width should give priority to about half of the groove width, can make use of refractory material is qualitative light, floating directly in the main channel, the realization of the function. Using the above process measures, dregs iron appears to decrease by 80%. 2, improve the flow state of the tapping temperature of molten iron slag not only influence the iron separation effect, but also influence the liquidity of iron liquid. When the tapping temperature control at the time, not least liquid iron liquid, furnaceman people need to constantly channel iron, cast iron ingot surface quality is poor. Appropriate to increase the degree of superheat of iron liquid, can improve the liquidity of iron liquid, but the overheating through high prone to shrinkage cavity defects such as shrinkage. To ensure that blast furnace iron melt temperature, the less when a furnace of iron liquid, the temperature of molten iron is low, the liquidity is poor, poor surface quality of cast iron corresponding. This is mainly due to the worker is not required to open package early eyes. So you must request when the liquid iron to specify height can open eyes. Can use the mould design of the melt flow, improve flow mouth of iron liquid flow state. Since most flow mouth is made by hand, by furnaceman aproll the height, width, spread the surface of side slope, and degree of tamping are vary from person to person, common problem is eccentric mouth flow. In this case, the iron when its rotating speed changing, flow state is not stable. Can be used for similar to the modelling of casting process, a standard model for the preparation of flow mouth, also can be used with refractory made of standard parts in advance. We provide cheap and fine casting products for the customers, common development!
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