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How to solve xin, Nicholson bubbles appeared in the process of precision casting process

by:XEX     2021-01-10
Xin, Jason precision casting molding process of the appearance and development not only greatly reduces the cycle time of industrial production and the production cost but also to a certain extent, improve the flexibility and close casting credible degree, xin, precision casting is a process, precision casting process in a variety of forms, different production technology in precision casting, Texas to have different requirements, in choosing xin, Jason precision casting process should pay attention to detail in advance before understanding the characteristics of the enterprises to carry out the production and processing of products, choose the suitable for enterprise's real xin, precision casting, but recently many users with small make up the reaction in the use of xin's sunni precision casting process, the surface of the casting parts will appear porosity, seriously affect the quality of the castings and beautiful degree, small make up today, to share with you how to solve the xin, Jason precision casting process in the production process of bubble problem? 1, the first small make up to xin's Jason precision casting process to share with you what are the dangers of machined castings appear bubbles, the bubbles of the inner surface is smooth, with a little bit of color oxide, after the appearance of porosity in castings, will reduce the effective bearing area, and can cause stress concentration around the hole and reduce the impact resistance and fatigue resistance of the casting. Porosity also decreases the density of the casting, some requirements under hydrostatic test casting scrap. In addition, corrosion resistance and heat resistance and porosity of castings has bad influence. 2, in general, in order to solve the problem of bubbles in casting parts a lot of technical personnel at the time of manufacture castings can be reduced to a proper casting parts of metal content, increase the degree of permeability of sand mold, at the same time in the cavity of each casting adding multiple air outlet and so on these measures can greatly decrease the casting in the frequency of the bubbles. 3, xin Jason precision casting process has been with the development of industrial progress and improvement, has been for everyone and inheritance, small make up hope everybody in using traditional Chinese medicine, pay attention to protecting casting constantly find problems and timely solve, so as to ensure xin, precision casting a long service life, use rise also more at ease.
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