How to test ductile iron pipe fittings

by:XEX     2021-01-16
1. Inspection and acceptance of nodular cast iron pipe fittings of inspection and acceptance conducted by the supplier technical quality supervision department. The size of the pipe, surface and the coating quality should be checked one by one. 2. Group of rules fitting should check and acceptance, according to the number of each batch produced by the same furnace hot metal, the same molding process of pipe fittings. 3. Sampling number ( 1) The size of the ductile iron pipe fittings, surface and the coating quality should be checked one by one. ( 2) Each furnace time take a tensile test specimen. When the burden changes, should resample, the test results represent change all burden after the production of pipe fittings. ( 3) A hardness of sample for each furnace. ( 4) Pipe hydraulic test must be done one by one, gas tightness test in pipe fittings should be one by one. ( 5) Pipe weight shall be spot check, in the same species, the same, one spot in the same specification. 4. The reinspection do not coincide with the decision rules ( 1) Tensile test at the beginning of inspection is unqualified, it shall conduct re-inspection take double sample, the reinspection results that there is a sample is unqualified, the bulk delivery is not allowed. ( 2) Ductile iron pipe fittings at as-cast, tensile test, with the consent of the buyer, the supplier can be fitting and its representative block after heat treatment, to acceptance, sample is unqualified, the bulk delivery is not allowed.
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