How to test the aluminum casting quality standard - Aluminum casting, aluminum casting inspection standard

by:XEX     2020-10-29
Aluminum casting refers to the processing method is to use casting and pure aluminum or aluminum alloy equipment devices. Usually USES the sand mould and metal mould will be heated to liquid aluminum or aluminum alloy pouring into the cavity, and get all sorts of shapes and sizes of aluminium or aluminium alloy parts is commonly referred to as the aluminum die casting. So, how to test the aluminum casting quality standard? 1, the casting surface should be smooth, roughness (within the scope of 1000 mm Or deformation) No more than 3 mm ( Special requirement) 。 Do not allow the existence of depth and diameter greater than 3 mm hole defect, if such defect repair is bigger than 150 x150mm and lose value as a waste, can repair must be re-examined after welding repair and polished bright and clean. Installation dimensions for drawing requirement tolerances must be strictly implemented according to the drawings, not free size deviation note tolerances is not greater than the size of the finish level casting standard rules. Can't exist on the surface of the product serious crack defects, if the processing surface minor crack length is not more than 20 mm, after check with technical department allowed the use of hot welding repair method to repair. 2, casting gate riser after cutting height there shall not be greater than 2 mm of the roots. Of the surface of the more important machining, if found that all kinds of skin defects from appearance should be timely reflected in the section and tracking of the product, once found after processing there are many defects such as porosity, slag inclusion, shrinkage of similar products will be immediately sealed technical personnel may not be the factory and urge section in process improvement. 3, daily inspection must have the corresponding inspection report, for after inspection of the casting should use pencil in product surface indicate the defect parts and repair methods, qualified, waste or other inspection mark. Repair after the completion of the product must be re-examined and urging workers to wear to the product after inspection & on the other; Qualified & throughout; Outside of the various tags. 4, the material of every batch casting requirements documents should have reserves in the quality control department, after comparing test results and requirements when the furnace can judge whether the chemical composition requirements. Found after 5, for the user in the processing of all kinds of internal defects should be checked in a timely manner and to determine the date of production, as the inspection data to test report for improved process changes and timely advice section of technical personnel. 6, after inspection found that the problem is more serious product forcibly delivery request, only in the factory after the general manager and the written consent of licensor can be used as emergency release a factory. 7, once found residual casting factory is responsible qc inspector, inspection after the waste and not repair products responsibility lies in the section and shall be investigated for inspector responsibility at the same time. Xin er, the transportation is convenient in: guangzhou, high-speed, high-speed Shen Hai, same highways as well. Is a company specializing in the production of cast copper, cast iron, cast aluminum manufacturers.
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