How to welding nodular cast iron pipe?

by:XEX     2021-04-06
The tensile strength of ductile casting' target='_blank'>cast iron tubes are usually lower than the gray cast iron, weldability and gray cast iron. Cast iron equipment maintenance to the naked eye it is easy to distinguish gray cast iron or ductile cast iron; Often use suitability we777 exclusive cast iron welding rod welding, but only be used for maintenance, the effect is really bad, crack increased risk and low intensity corresponding to the electrode ensures that the strength of the welded joint itself. We777 have specific coating effect, in the welding process can lead to similar pulse soft arc, for a variety of thermal shock of cast iron is very large. Specific pulsed arc can remove all kinds of cast iron surface impurities, even the grease and long-term immersion of cast iron welding, also has good permeability, cause no pores or inclusions, the hardness of heat affected zone, no small change, cold welding forming seam has good crack resistance, can deal with all kinds of serious material environment.
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